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Vol au dessus de la Dordogne
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Vallée de la Dordogne
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Chute libre
Offre St Valentin 2021


Have you always wanted to try an extreme sport? Are you ready to take the plunge?

Chute Libre Dordogne and its team will provide you with a safe and unforgettable experience in the heart of the Périgord Noir, one of France’s most beautiful locations.
Make the most of your first skydiving experience with onboard videography, a PAC course (French AFF - Accelerated Freefall Formation), PAC training and more. Our skydiving centre is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.
You can even give the gift of skydiving with our gift vouchers!
Tandem skydiving is the safest and most enjoyable way to get acquainted with the world of freefalling.

You will jump with an instructor from an altitude of 3500 metres in a tandem parachute. Our training starts with a theoretical component to make sure you understand the basics of freefalling. This is followed by a 20-minute ascent in the plane, 40 seconds of free fall at 200 km/h, and then the parachute opening, after which you will descend for between 3 and 7 minutes before landing. You will be awarded a certificate after completing your jump.


Tandem jump

from 295 € incl. all taxes

An initiation and discovery jump in tandem, accompanied by an experienced instructor. Discover freefalling in complete safety.

PAC course with 6 jumps

from 1255 € incl. all taxes

PAC: Accelerated Progression to Freefall. This course will teach you the basics of freefalling and prepare you for your first solo jump.

PAC initiation jump

from 450 € incl. all taxes

1 freefall jump, just to give it a try.

Brevet A

from 1690 € incl. all taxes

Training for the brevet A licence. The first progression to freefall licence.

Our drop zones

Aérodrome de Sarlat / Domme


The Sarlat/Domme aerodrome overlooks the medieval village of Domme in the heart of the Dordogne valley, and is not far from Sarlat, Lascaux and Rocamadour. From this unique vantage point you can admire the many castles dotted around the river and the distinctive colours of the valley’s landscape.

We have a snack bar on site and a picnic area just a few metres from the parachute landing zone. Make the most of this welcoming, family-friendly space at the centre of our activities.

Viaduc de Millau


Located less than an hour from Albi and Millau, and an hour and a half from Toulouse and Montauban, come and try skydiving in Rodez to experience the thrill of your life!

You’ll be able to soak up panoramic views of the Aveyron countryside and the Aubrac and Grands Causses regional parks.

On a clear day, you'll even be able to admire the impressive Millau Viaduct and the valleys of the Aveyron countryside.

Chute libre au Sénégal et au Maroc en 2021

Sautez au Sénégal et au Maroc

De novembre à mars

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Chute Libre Dordogne

Sarlat / Domme Aerodrome
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